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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Two Days in N'Awlins

I was lucky to be in New Orleans during one of its biggest festivals- Jazz Fest. As I wrote earlier, New Orleans is known for its music. You can hear a variety of instruments being played on almost every street corner! We spent Sunday afternoon at Jazz Fest- listening to a variety of jazz music from different musicians and also eating a lot of Louisianan food. I had a Po’Boy- which is like a sub. I also tried a bit of “fried gator”. It tasted a bit fishy. I hope El Guapo doesn’t find out. He will NOT be happy!

On Monday and Tuesday, I spent the day touring the city of New Orleans. I walked down to the Mississippi River- the 3rd largest river in the world- and walked along its levees. Levees are “manmade walls of either dirt or cement” that protect a city from a river that might flood. During Hurricane Katrina, some levees broke, ruining a portion of the city. I also took a walking tour to learn the history behind this interesting city. This city was founded by the French, so a lot of the architecture resembles that of the French and street names are named after French saints. Many restaurants and houses also have flags of the Fleur de Lis. It was once the emblem for an ancient French dynasty. Now it is a symbol that represents support for the city of New Orleans. This part of the city is called the French Quarter, since mostly French lived here before the US bought Louisiana during the Louisiana Purchase. After the tour, I had lunch at an old inn called Napoleon’s Café. ( This café was named after the famous French leader Napolean Bonaparte) I tried a famous sandwich- the muffeletta ( a very thick sandwich with different meats, a lot of cheese and a delicious olive spread)Yes, I also returned to Café Du Monde for a few more beignets.

I am now at the airport waiting to fly back to DC. I am excited to share my scientific studies as well as the history that I learned about New Orleans with other teachers as well as my students. Goodbye Fleur de Lis, Goodbye beignets and good bye caterpillars!


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